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How You Can Protect Yourself Against Wage Theft

Wage theft has become a problem for many employees at work places throughout the United States. This may happen because of a genuine mistake, or it can represent deliberate, corrupt action on the part of the employer. Wage theft occurs when an employee is not paid for all the the hours they worked, they are …

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Corporations Have the Responsibility for Business Office Safety

It is simply the duty of different corporations to provide a safe and sound office atmosphere for their staff. As this is not really a most suitable entire world, it is recognized that accidents will definitely at times take place, but still, it is crucial for each and every business establishment to have sensible measures to offer a secure work …

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Facts About Age Related Discrimination

In 2010 the Equality Act went into effect. This mans that it is illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their age. This also includes potential job candidates, trainees or existing employees. These individuals have the same rights as someone that is 20 years younger than them. An employer cannot treat a 50 year old any different than they would …

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Hourly Wage Workers are Well-Represented When It Comes to Enforcing Their Rights

Although most employer-employee relationships are healthy and productive ones, tensions and difficulties do arise. Each of the states in the U.S. has its own set of labor laws, with federal laws, particularly those of the Fair Labor Standards Act, giving something of an overriding set of protections to employees. In most cases, disputes between employers and employees can be resolved …

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Understanding The Requirements To Become A Correctional Officer

Correctional officers maintain order in the county jail and in state or federal prisons. They also perform duties such as booking and arranging for the release of inmates once they have posted bond. If you feel that you are up to the physical challenges of working in this field, you should complete all requirements and take the correction officer exam …

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Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer In Your Area

By making the conscious choice to become a police officer, you are choosing a self-sacrificing career path that will enable you to help your community. Over the course of this career, you will have the opportunity to becoming a shining example of justice. If you would like to begin this career path today, you should review the police officer requirements …

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Preparing For Your Police Examination Interview Questions

Becoming a police officer is one of the nobler professions one can choose. It is a position that commands respect. Unfortunately, many people do not respect the badge nor see eye to eye with all the badge stands for. Consequently, whoever will be privileged to wear that badge must meet certain criteria. He or she must be mentally competent, physically …

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Taking the Police Oral Board: How to Ace Your Interview

Making a great impression during your oral boards is a crucial step towards becoming a police officer. Unfortunately, many applicants fail to make it beyond this important interview because they are unprepared, uninformed or overly nervous. If you want to ace your oral boards, preparation is key. Below are some important police interview tips that will help impress the board …

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Oral Board Preparation: What to Expect During Your Interview

As part of the hiring process for police officers, all prospective recruits must pass an interview with a police oral board. It is considered one of the more challenging phases in police recruitment and many recruits are unsure what to expect. Here are some common questions you may be asked and some tips on how to answer them: “Tell us …

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