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How You Can Protect Yourself Against Wage Theft

Wage theft has become a problem for many employees at work places throughout the United States. This may happen because of a genuine mistake, or it can represent deliberate, corrupt action on the part of the employer. Wage theft occurs when an employee is not paid for all the the hours they worked, they are paid less than the agreed upon amount, or when they are not paid for overtime hours worked. This can affect both hourly wage workers and salaried employees. Here are some tips to help you spot and prevent possible problems with your pay:

  • Keep accurate records of the hours you have worked each day. Employers are required to keep updated records, but they do not always follow this rule. Should there be a discrepancy with your pay, having your own records will help you to prove when you worked if your employer is lying or not cooperating.
  • Always check your pay stubs. Some employers get creative by moving overtime hours worked during one pay period to the next pay period so that you are only paid your normal hourly wage. Always make sure that your hours and pay rate match up each pay period.
  • Keep in mind that being salaried does not necessarily exempt you from overtime pay. Normally, salaried workers do not get overtime, but some companies will pay an employee by salary and give them an important-sounding title to avoid paying anything beyond the set salary. If you regularly have to work over 40 hours each week and are not receiving extra compensation, you are probably being taken advantage of. This is particularly true if you are frequently doing work that is not in your job description, but for which the company will not hire another employee to do.
  • Remember that it is illegal to not pay an employee for work they have done, and you cannot be fired for inquiring about your pay. Do not allow threats to deter you from purusing legal action if your employer does not correct a problem with your pay.

If you suspect you are not being paid what is owed to you, speak with your employer about it or bring the issue to the HR department for review. If they ignore you or try to threaten your job, it is important to Find a good Dallas overtime pay law firm to help you get the money that you have earned.

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